Over 53% of candidates lie on their resume

Hire Right:
  • 80 percent of all resumes are misleading
  • 20 percent state fraudulent degrees
  • 30 percent show altered employment dates
  • 40 percent have inflated salary claims
  • 30 percent have inaccurate job descriptions
  • 27 percent give falsified references

We are inundated with hundreds of resumes a week. We have to review them quickly, accurately, and try to  catch any LIES. According to research conducted by The Society of Human Resource Managers, over 53% of individuals lie about their resume in some way.

Lying on resumes is becoming more and more common. When college students were asked in the same study by the Human Resource Managers, over 70% said they would lie on their resumes to land their dream job. Would you? Derek Johnson, former executive recruiter, believes that lying on your resume nowadays is necessary to compete for your ideal position. He has written a guide and launched www.fakeresume.com. The resources are available and are making it more complex to find the right candidate for any position.

Overall, you need to look for any embellishments or exaggerations in the resume. If you have a question about an item, just ask. You can acquire a lot of information from their answer…or sometimes their lack of an answer. Throughout the whole recruitment life-cycle you need to take a “trust and verify” approach. Most candidates will be more than happy to help you gather all the necessary information. If they are not, this could be a red flag to move on.

What do you think? What type of lies have you seen? Write below.

Top 9 Resume lies to look out for

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